As the infection of coronavirus increases in geometric progression while recovering is arithmetical: What is the hope of Nigerians?


Ogwezzy, R.G

Nigerian government in its entirety must be thanked and praised by all and sundry for their effort towards putting a total cure to pandemic coronavirus in the country. For the fact that the virus is still prevalent does not mean encomium should not be poured on them.

Since government’s effort towards eradicating the virus is proving abortive. The alarming rate of infection in the recent days is quite appalling. I am becoming skeptical of Nigeria having a total cure for this disease without giving indelible mark on the country. If the statistics published on daily basis is realistic and something to go by. Then, there will be danger that the number of infected will outweigh the strength of medical or health personnel that will attend to them in the nearest future.

This is exactly what happened and is still happening in many countries of the world that resulted to death of alot of people because health personnel could no longer effectively cope with the situation. The most unfortunate thing is that people seem relaxed about the pandemic with the hope that it will fizzle out one day, that is a poor man’s prayer. Lockdown that was supposed to check the pandemic was applied in Nigerian way, and the virus is still coming up now like wildfire.

It is advisable that Nigerian government should have a rethink and make appraisal of former strategy and tell Nigerians way forward as soon as possible. Nigerian government should provide more realistic step(approach) that Nigerians can follow and get rid of this traumatic situation. People are becoming hopeless and helpless with the trend of events. People are dying before their time. The enemy coronavirus is coming like a flood. Nigerian government should wake up to the challenges, Coronavirus has devastating effect on a country and should not be treated with levity.

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