Covid 19: World’s Lockdown Panorama, Nigeria Perspective, Matters Arising


By Ogwezzy, R.G

I have heard and read several people commenting that the world is experiencing her first lockdown, this is misconception in the highest order. This is the second lockdown in the world.The first lockdown was observed approximately 2020 years ago and the second is the one we are presently witnessing this year 2020. The problems we are facing in the world today is that, preserved historical data(information) are not utilized.

They are basically three(3) types of lockdown, namely;
*(1) World’s partial lockdown.* This was observed in 2020 years ago. It is quite unfortunate that none of us on earth witnessed it, records and statistics has it. The record of this is even in one of the world’s most reliable and dependable books.

*(2) World’s total lockdown with less restrictions.* This is what the world is witnessing now. This is a situation whereby some countries of the world observe lockdown while other do not. Some States in a country observe while others do not. The
country”s or state’s declaration of lockdown varies in time interval and conditions, depending on the nature of prevailing problems in question. It is worthy to note that the degree of restrictions observed in 2020 years ago was quite different from the present, as at that time, there was free movement of people, but the present do not allow total freedom of movement to a very large extent.

*(3l World’s total lockdown with restrictions.* At the end of the year of 2020’s lockdown, of course, many issues will come up as aftermath effect of lockdown, this is, one of the major characteristics of Lockdown. The lockdown that will be experienced at this stage, that is, the World’s third lockdown, will be purely religious. The lockdown will be fatal and highly restrictive. These are facts already documented.

There are causes of lockdown, it does not just occur, something must happen before it is declared. 2020 years ago, it was caused by economic reasons. The present lockdown, if I may ask, what is the cause?…………………The problems that lead to lockdown are mainly institutional factors such as economic, health, educational, religious etc

When a country declares lockdown, the government in power is duty-bound to provide some services to cushion and ameliorate the suffering of the people. Because during people confinement such as this, is the responsibility of government to provide services as palliative measures. This is because the welfare of citizens is their utmost priority. When the first lockdown occurred, citizens were not restricted, because of of the fact that the government cannot restrict citizens without providing for them.

In the advanced countries of the world, issues such as this, they make adequate provision for their citizens. This is because they have good database for their people and the nature of their technological advancement.

In Nigeria recently, many states declared lockdown, it is expected that before it is declared, the government in power should take into consideration the negative effects of lockdown on their subjects. The Federal, States and Local Government Areas of Nigeria should as a matter of urgency ensure that the welfare of their people be taken to high premium.

Bearing in mind, that good percentage of their citizens work on daily basis as means of livelihood. Federal, States and Local Government Areas in Nigeria are recently reiterating stricter or tougher measures as means of checking the pandemic Coronavirus, that is good, but they should always ensure effective monitoring of lockdown for every average Nigerian wants to take undue advantage at any circumstance. Effective monitoring is expedient to avoid abuse of powers during this period.

In the light of the above, the governor of Delta State Sen(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa has recently announced to the good people of Delta State that he has signed into law, against violators of lockdown in Delta State. Having observed cases of eruption of the pandemic Coronavirus in the State. In his address he assured Deltans that apart from establishing enough world class isolation centres in major cities in the State, he will provide all Deltans preventive materials against the virus and necessary assistance as the need arises. In the same vein, many States of the Federation are busy embarking on sensitisation programme on the pandemic and establishing isolation centres.

I write with deep pains because am suffering the adverse effect of this lockdown as well as other Nigerians because the latest pandemic is relatively novel. A popular leader in Igbo land wrote a book titled “Because I was involved”. For more details of this work, a comprehensive book titled” World Lockdown, Past, Present and Future ” will soon be published. And, I believe God from the book, some topics or a book on lockdown may be introduced by academia from various countries of the world to form topics or a book on some related subjects or courses in secondary and tertiary institutions of the world

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