Much ado about 774,000 jobs recruitment


By Ogwezzy, Richardson

The panorama between Hon. Festus Kayemo(SAN), Minister for Labour, Employment and Productivity and members of National Assembly on Joint Committee on Labour and Productivity recently on the defence of 774,000 jobs recruitment has been a thing of concern to the public.

It sounds funny, when Mr. President having seen the current plight of Nigerians since Covid 19 and decided to recruit ordinary Nigerians as means of cushioning their suffering bearing in mind that unemployment has been a bane in the country. It is disheartening to see that such lauded project is facing set back at the National Assembly.

There are speculations that 15% of the 774,000 jobs recruitment is to be allocated to members of the National Assembly and some are saying the Minister is using it to gain political ground in Nigeria, which is still not a bad one. This is because whichever way the job is shared in the country, it will be Nigerians that will be the beneficiaries. It is just like a saying that ‘a Nigerian hawk carried a Nigerian chick to Nigerian iroko tree’. All are Nigerians. But, it could have been better if members of the National Assembly support this Mr. President 774,000 job recruitment process. I could vividly remember, when many States of the federation were given palliatives to the citizens of their States during the lockdown, many political office holders assisted their State Government. This made it tangible and worthwhile.

I will by this medium, appeal to all members of National Assembly on the issue of 774,000 jobs recruitment. If it will be possible, let every member of National Assembly follow suit by giving few citizens from their constituencies same as the federal government based on their capacity. I mean those people that could not be recruited among the 774,000. This will go a long way to giving more Nigerians the ample opportunities of benefiting from the programme.

Apart from this, various States Governors in the country can key in into Buhari’s plan by equally creating few job opportunities at State levels, then Local Government chairmen can as well emulate such programmes, if taken to State and Local Government levels, elected political office holders within the States and Local Government levels can assist. By Buhari’s calculation 1000 persons per Local Government Area, when the State Government and Local Government Areas join in the vanguard, many more Nigerians would have smiling faces. 774,000 job opportunities for Nigerians is very good and Mr President should be highly applauded, but with the present rate of unemployment in the country, it is like giving five seeds of corn to hundred fowls to eat. No wonder, misunderstanding ensued at the defence of 774,000 jobs recruitment at National Assembly. The need for such job opportunities is because to curb the problem of unemployment in Nigeria, we need such avalanche of job opportunities. For Government at all levels to achieve this objectives, there should be good data base so that an applicant would have opportunity of securing a chance from either. In some traditions in Nigeria, there is a saying that one person cannot cook food that will satisfy multitude, if members of National Assembly and political appointees from federal to Local Government level join President Muhammadu Buhari’s magnanimity on jobs creation by extending such gestures to their political domains, Buhari’s Administration will be rated high.

In sum, I know many have been criticising the idea of 774,000 jobs recruitment on the ground that N20,000 every month for three months for a citizen cannot make the desired difference. Let us be optimistic, there is no way Federal Government will provide 774,000 jobs recruitment and it will end in just N20,000 for three months. Let us accept and support the job for it will mean good more than we expected.

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