Nigeria preventive measures to eradicating the spread of Covid 19 pandemic is becoming a vicious circle


Ogwezzy R.G.

It is of a truth that Coronavirus pandemic is dreadful and deadly disease(virus), it erupts in intimidating manner. When a patient is reported, great fear and tension will engulf the area.

Due to the fact that Coronavirus has high tension characteristics, some countries in the world most especially the developing countries like Nigeria, may want to use a rush and hurry approach to eradicate the pandemic. Rush and hurry approach, in the sense that they may take measures without first considering how workable, effective or its implication. In the course of finding solution to the problem, in most cases they will miss the basic ingredients and the resultant effect is greater problems.

The first time the case of Coronavirus pandemic was reported in Nigeria, the various states of the federation decided to embark on lockdown, Lagos, Ogun and FCT at first. Later all the States of the federation. In enforcing the lockdown bitter stories and hardship came up.

My question is, how did the lockdown help in eradicating the pandemic? The lockdown was a complete fiasco. The lockdown idea failed because the simple principle guiding the operation of lockdown was not adhered to. The more effective the lockdown seem to be, the more the increase in the pandemic. Nigeria has only one problem, it is the issue of copy and paste syndrome. Nigeria will copy lockdown operational in developed countries without copying the necessary steps or approaches to adopt. Barber please, barb my hair the way you barbed my friend. The way your friend’s head is, is that how your head is?

Another panorama has come again, face mask issue. Every Nigerian has been ordered to put on face mask as must. We are now to put it on without knowing the health implications of using it. Nigerian Government should as a matter of fact, educate us, on the use, how it can be preserved to avoid contamination, the right type of face mask and when and where to put it on or not. We should not imitate those that sleep in the farm, when we do not have mats to lie in the farm. The must use face mask is a very recent development. I feel is better for Nigerian Government through the NCDC to educate Nigerians as soon as possible, the importance and the health implications. Presently, all sort of things are used as face mask in Nigeria, some use wrapper to sew, some handkerchiefs to cover their nose and some use foam to construct face mask. Can all these things prevent the pandemic?

My worries is that, who is going to enforce it again. Enforcing and prosecuting violators, I see that as another avenue to enrich some certain law enforcement agencies in Nigeria. This is because they have started checking people though in a milder/softer form. All efforts in eradicating Covid 19 seem to be vicious circle to me.

I will use this medium to implore the people in authority most especially, the NCDC, the Governors of every State in Nigeria to dialogue and bring experts from various fields to think out measures to adopt on the case at hand, rather than copy and paste. NCDC should recommend and make available for the general public the type of facemask needed for the prevention of coronavirus. And, let it be made available for people to buy rather than allowing the masses to buy fake face mask at their detriment.

If I am permitted to suggest to Federal Government of Nigeria, a better way to eradicate Coronavirus pandemic, I will suggest without fear or favour total lockdown with less restrictions in the country. Areas where cases of the pandemic is prevalent, stricter measures will be adopted. There will be constant test and examination in such areas. States, Local Government Areas, cities and towns where no case has come up should experience partial lockdown. The government ought not to look at the cost implications because Coronavirus has world economy collapsing tendency and it is almost over blown in Nigeria. God forbid!

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