Nigerian government should be more proactive to pandemic Coronavirus else the country will be overwhelmed


By Ogwezzy, R.G

I read with utter chagrin on decision reached by Nigeria Governors’ Forum(NGF) that there should be an inter state Lockdown. My question is, what type of lockdown have we been observing all these weeks? Does that mean we have been on lockdown and people from other states are gaining entrance, no wonder the case keep on erupting. People that work for daily living have been facing hard times for nothing, may God help us. If it is now, that the lockdown becomes inter state, then all former Lockdown was in vain. That is what it implies.  A state cannot declare Lockdown and allow citizens to move the way he or she  likes, let alone members from other states. This is misapplication, because none of us has witnessed it before, we are all learning by the process, thank God they were able to take a good decision at the right time. Kudos to them. I pray that cases of Covid 19 virus will not engulf Nigeria. How can we escape from this great destruction?

Now, that every state Governor has agreed on inter state lockdown which I see to be belated, they should ensure that every state is  highly fenced by law enforcement agencies like the wall of old biblical Jericho. When such fencing is done, there should be thorough ‘combing’ by test on areas where cases of Coronavirus was reported.

Anytime a victim is noticed, the State in question, should without hesitation, announce the name of such person, where he or she lives(address) all his or her movements and contacts for the past two weeks. This will enable the people that have gotten contacts with such victim report themselves for test, if possible go for  self isolation and this will reduce the spread of the deadly virus. I was glad, when i read on what a Chairman of Local Government Area in Delta State, Ughelli South LGA to be precise, how he responded to Coronavirus victim when a victim was reported, all medical personnel and people that had contacts with him and their phone numbers were published even movement made before tested positive. 

A desperate sickness needs a desperate cure. I know, when the issue of Covid 19 virus will be fizzled out in the world, awards wil be given to the Government of Delta State for her unique attention to the Covid 19 virus. If states in the federation have been making it open, that is, by announcing on radios, publishing in social media and newspapers those with cases of Coronavirus, all we need is total cure irrespective of how unethical and crude the approach is. If this is put to practice, the country,  will experience drastic reduction of the virus.

Any town or city a case of Coronavirus is observed, stricter measures of lockdown should be taken than towns and cities or Local Government Areas where there are no case,  because vulnerable people in the society are suffering untold hardship.

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